A social broadcast plugin interaction test!

This post is inspired by my desire to test the Social plugin by Mailchimp!

There are some upcoming site redesigns I’ll be responsible for, so I’ve been exploring some of the latest themes available. I’m a complete sucker for the current AJAXy one page layouts that are the big thing right now, a lot more so than all the grid-based design that’s been floating around. The custom portfolios that are standard in a lot of the creative-style themes also might work with some adjustment to do what I need for sorting some of the title content. It’s a thought anyway, since a lot of them display very nicely. My only concern is the volume of content is significantly more than a standard portfolio with a few dozen pieces.

I wonder often what to do with this, my personal website. I could use it as a portfolio, but I don’t really need to. I could write a bit more about actually personal topics, though I’m not sure I have the time and energy to delve in thoughtfully enough to make the exercise worth the effort. So I suppose, here’s a rough update of things I am doing currently: I’m learning to tailor my clothes a bit better; I’ve successfully upped my protein intake by a zillion, and am preparing to start aggressively lifting again; I am aiming to get a new road bike by spring; and my crush on Idris Elba has gotten infinitely worse after Pacific Rim.

…now, let’s see what this plugin does!

Viewing a tag within a category in WordPress.

I am dusting off this site. Hi.

I’ve been doing fun stuff with WordPress again for my day job.

Today I did a quick search to find out how to navigate a tag within a category. I got zero results. Poking around a bit, I figured it out myself. In case anyone else wants to know how to do this, the url structure is:


To use Moon.com as an example…

Get posts tagged with road trips in the category California:


Building on that, using WordPress’s built in multiple tag query, the same boolean AND functionality when you combine tags with a plus sign operator can drill down content further.

Get all posts tagged with both road trips and Yosemite national park in the category California: